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Yelp! Reviews

5 star rating 44 reviews

  • J. P.
    J. P.
    5 star

    Amazing ice cream. Our first time there was last night, and we can't wait to go again. So many unique flavors! You can tell it's homemade. It's so soft and...

  • Cassidy G.
    Cassidy G.
    3 star

    Yeah, this place is great, and I get that it's a tiny mom and pop, buuuut... I like getting the premade Popsicles and a couple times they have tasted...

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S.
    5 star

    Very good ice cream milkshakes. Not as sugary as other ice creams places which means it is not as harsh on the teeth. I would like to try other flavors but...

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Step into La Flor de Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria for a true taste of Mexico. Flor de Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria offers a wide selection of exotic and traditional homemade Mexican ice creams and Paletas, as well as everyday American flavors for the less adventurous.